Sunday, May 3, 2009

There's no way I'm going to get in...

Statement of Intent, Part II

I’ve worked a bit in many medium as can be seen in the ceramic pieces, poems, stained glass windows and various art bits that are tucked into the corners of my life. I have loved them all, but what has always entranced me the most is paint. I am in awe of the blank canvas and its transformation into something that no one else could ever make. I am amazed by the hand that can capture a moment, a memory, a drop of who one is on the inside, and color it for others to see. For me, there has never been a lacking of creativity. It has always been more my trepidation that I couldn’t draw well enough to capture my ideas, or would not be able to paint them as I imagined. I apply to art school with the goal of developing an ability to draw and understand color and paint in a way that would leave my creative notions limitless. Where will it take me? Who could know the answer to such a question. What I am most excited about is to see what is created that I never could have imagined.

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